Shocking price; I just had to take a picture. Imagine what they have to do to make chicken this cheap.

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I've been reading your journal ( and getting hungrier with each entry!). Just had to post here as I choose to eat organically, plant-based, and from local farmers as much as possible. Personal health and the likes of the above picture (i.e., factory farming) had me evolve over the past several years to my current delicious diet. Now that I focus mealtime around fresh vegetables and grains, I am learning new ways to prepare my nourishment simply and keep the flavor...your journal and now your show (just saw it for the first time today) is inspiring! Thanks!

Crazy coincidence. We were staying at our friend's house in Cutchogue last weekend. My man spotted a blue crab on the beach and, being the host of the catch-and-release fishing show,, could not envision a weekend without fishing. So he and her hubby (co-producer of the show) headed out for some bait. The two returned with a container of nasty looking nightcrawlers for the unsuspecting fish and a package of your above-pictured chicken legs to entice the crab. Thing is, his wife and I couldn't understand why they chose fancy "air chilled" chicken to use as crab bait. The answer? "Honey, the entire package was only $1.99!" Unbelievable. Our only thought was an over-supply but you bring up a scarier premise.

On a happier note....while they lost all the chicken and trapped only one crab (which they released) they caught a record 54 porgy over two days -- three of which were kept for pre-dinner sushi. Sublime :)

On a completely different note...wondered if you'd seen this?
Scroll down to the 7/21 "I want my Gourmet back" post. It's brilliant and long overdue. Comments are pouring in -- 195 and counting. Mine is #191.

I learned about this, your site, form one of the commenters. I couldn't have been happier to read your words again. And now, I can tell you (in virtual person anyway) how very much I admire you, your career, your writing and what you did for Gourmet. Thank-you for all your wonderful books too ...they have brought so many smiles to my face. :)

Oh my, the mind boggles!

After watching Food Inc a little while back, that just makes me shudder.

Shocking. I am constantly floored by this sort of thing- these poor animals! It doesn't make me want to be a vegetarian, it makes me want to stand next to this food and beg people never to buy it.

Quite possibly the retailer over-bought for July 4th and they were about to code out.

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