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I miss Gourmet more than anything. What is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years without those fabulous menus and photography?!!! My magazines are falling apart ... rumpled and splattered with various ingredients here and there. Bon Appetit doesn't even come close!

I still pull out my old issues of Gourmet to look at them. I would give up all of my cooking magazines to have Gourmet back. You can say I miss it but I am very thankful I found your blog...

My sister wrote (I think) a lovely tribute with the very same title when we first heard the news. For both of us, our mother's issues of Gourmet were the gateway to a life of joyful cooking.


Yes, but what about Gourmet Live? I'm desperately hoping that you are going to be a part of that, Ruth. I don't think it will really be able to hold up to the magazine without you. So what's the word?

Boy do I miss Gourmet. Nothing replaces it.

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