Tickets to Heirloom Vegetable Auction

For information on the first Tri-State Heirloom Vegetable auction, go to

It's a cocktail party, and should be fun.

Free ($250) Tickets go to the first comers.

If you want one, please tell me how to contact you!

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If anymore become available, please write me! [email protected] would really love to go

All the tickets have now been taken.
Sorry if you didn't get one.....

I would so love to attend! (+1 would be especially wonderful, but i'll take what I can get!)
Megan Hart
[email protected]

I'd love to go!

Full name: Martha Burzynski
email: [email protected]

I'd love to go to this event!! My name is Kelsey Kinser and you can reach me at [email protected]

Dying to go to this event!

Avacatau, I need a real name to leave at the door.....

If there are still tickets left, I would love a pair.
Jose C. Simbulan josespiano at aol dot com

I'd love two tickets!!!

I would love to go!

Jeremy Fisher, you've got a ticket. Your name is on the list at the door.

Sabrina, send me your name, and I'll put it on the list as well.

I'd love tickets, Ruth.
-Jeremy Fisher (firstname at dinevore dot com)
Founder, Dinevore (

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