A Downtown Meal in an Uptown Place

Had lunch at Ma Peche today, with Francis Lam, his friend Winnie (such a great name!) and Doc Willoughby.  The place was half-empty, and it certainly didn't deserve to be.  Tien Ho is really hitting his stride, and the 3-course $25 lunch is a very good deal.

Just about everything we ate was intensly flavorful, surprisingly textural, and fresh.  I couldn't stop eating the spicy lamb with crunchy rice sticks or those crisp, sticky, Brussels sprouts.  I loved the freshness of the squid salad and the wonderful crunch in the summer rolls. If you love Momofuku SSam Bar but hate the noise (and the wait), this is a place you'll want to know about.

Meanwhile, Francis was raving about Miles End in Brooklyn; just listening to him talking about the smoked meat made me want to run out the door and hop on the train.


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I live 2 blocks from Miles End! A wonderful place, but I have not been in months. A few times I went and they were out of the smoked beef brisket, so arrive their early enough to get some!

I was just in Brooklyn, only a few blocks from Mile End, but every time I tried to go, it was closed!! Guess they didn't want to cook after a blizzard - or maybe no one could get to work. LOL.
Heard the poutine is great, but wanted to try the beef on weck.

I choose to think that Ma Peche was half-full. :-) Viva la Chang!

Ruth, I would recommend rushing to Mile End even if it required you to be carried by pigeon. It is the best place in the neighborhood. If you go for dinner, the tongue polonaise is a seriously surprising delight.

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