Notes from Paradise

Too lazy to write much, but we've been laughing, talking, soaking up sunshine, wandering the streets, staring at all the wonderfully shabby chic houses in Key West. Starry nights, rum and pink shrimp, stone crab claws and local lobster tails. Why does anyone ever leave here?

The thought of packing up and heading back to snow makes me very sad.


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Hi Ruth,
Just finished Garlic and Sapphires and absolutely loved it. As a fellow native New Yorker (food/restaurant/dining out obsessed) college student, I found the book truly inspiring! It gave me the guts to get my writing out there, and my first restaurant review was just published in my school's newspaper.
Thanks again

Hello Ruth , WELCOME TO LA Hope you are having a great time ! Are you here for a special engagement ? Would love to come and see you if possible , where ever you are !
Warm regards, Anita

I loved your book, "Tender at the Bone". My mother also is bipolar, however she wasn't the Queen of Mold, and taught me a lot about cooking. Particularly loved how you wove the recipes throughout the book, your Sauerbraten has become one of our favorite meals -- we're having it Sat. night for a homecoming dinner for family friends. My daughters (9 and 15) and Daughter-in-law, and Grandaughters (4 & 1 1/2) are always in the klitchen as we explore cooking! We've found wonderful fellowship/kinship cooking/teaching young women to cook! Can't wait to read your other books.

While few talk about it, Colorado Springs is a glorious place in which to spend a winter. Well, no, there are no pink shrimp.... but we do have tasty bison, the best lamb, superb trout and fine peaches. Today it's going to be 60 and we'll grill on the deck tonight. We do have the occasional snow storm, but sunny days and "starry nights" rule the weather (and us.) I often cook with the windows open in January and February. And, of course, it's a short drive to Santa Fe!

I hear you gave a short speech at the Key West authors symposium, but that you were snobby to the staff. Shame on you.

Although I was not so crazy about Key West, I was very taken by St. Augustine and Anastasia State Park. Great Farmer's Market and a cuban cafe to rival any on Calle Ocho in Miami. I think we bought cooked and ate those pink shrimp everyday for a week.

I love your books, I devour every word. You describe food in a magical way. I am only 26, but by the end of my life, I will be very happy to possess, even a tiny fraction, of your food knowledge. If I could trade lives with anyone for a day, I would choose you. Would you like to try out being a physical therapy student?!? Ha! Now a serious question, would you write about food if no one was to ever read it? To expand, what does writing about food accomplish for you? Does it complete your experience, or are you just giving us the privilege to experience food the way you do?

I've yet to visit Key West, but fresh seafood and warmth sounds absolutely blissful right about now!

I have literally just finished reading your book, Tender at the Bone, and simply wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed the piece. Beyond being downright entertaining, your obvious passion for the beauty and power of food showcased in this book is beyond inspirational. As a young aspiring food writer (and enthusiastic home-cook), I deeply admire your work and hope to someday make my mark in the foodie universe as you have. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of your books!

Life is nothing short of flavorful...from delicious moments to bitter and everything in between...thanks for sharing your story!

Meeting you at the reception on Thursday was one of the highlights of my young life. Thank you for being an inspiration. If I achieve any great success, its origin can, in no small way, be attributed to your thoughtful words and your kind spirit. Thanks for your graciousness.

Any recommendations on things to do or places to eat? We're planning on visiting in mid-March.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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