Turkey Hash for a Cold Morning

Does anyone in your house eat the dark meat of the turkey?  In my house, they don't.  Most of it goes into the soup pot, along with the naked carcass, but I always keep some back to make this wonderful hash.  This isn't really a recipe - just a thrown together breakfast that makes everyone really happy. One helpful suggestion:  try to remember to boil the potatoes the night before and put them in the refrigerator - cold potatoes are so much easier to grate. 

 Grate 3 or 4 boiled potatoes (Yukon or white - not Russets) on the coarsest holes of a box grater.

Saute a couple of diced onions in as much sweet butter as you feel comfortable with (anywhere from 2 tablespoons to a stick),  until they’re just fragrant and translucent.  (If you want this to be spicy, add a chopped chile to the mix.)  Add the grated potatoes and a big handful of diced cooked turkey, generously salt and pepper, and cook this, turning now and then, until it turns into a golden brown hash (about 20 minutes).  

 Divide into 3 or 4 portions and top each with a crisp-edged fried egg.  If you have a little leftover gravy (and/or cranberry sauce) to add to the plate, so much the better. 





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not eat dark meat of the turkey……oh my……it's definitely the very best part

This recipe is delicious! I made it the morning after Thanksgiving for my husband and his parents, and everyone loved it. My husband has asked me to make it as a weekend breakfast twice since. Thank you for opening our eyes to the world of hash!

Yum. Dark turkey meat rules. This hash is one of my childhood favorites. It's time to bring it back. Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is awesome.

If only you lived next door; we eat almost only dark meat! I make turkey soup and pot pie with the breast...and what little is left of the dark meat. Enjoy this blog...thanks!

Wonderful recipe! And I LOVED hearing your ever so brief interview on The Splendid Table radio show this Thanksgiving morning! As I said on TST's FB page, "I loved that she sounded a bit sleepy from beinng up so early baking and cooking. I love that family and friends start stopping by on Monday and sleep where space is available, including in front of the wood stove in her studio. Her voice and story were full of gratefulness and blessings. Thank you!" Wish we were related so Ibcould stop by with my sleeping bag and help you with some cooking and clean up today!

What a great idea--this sounds delicious for the day after. I'm cooking my first turkey this week (wish me luck), and I am going to keep this recipe in mind for leftovers!

-the tasty tRuth

you are the kitchen goddess

Mmmm this really does sound like a fabulous breakfast!

The dark meat is the best bit! We have trouble getting people to eat the drier white meat (even when the turkey is elaborately brined)!

Thanks for this. I'm always wondering what to do with the leftovers. Year after year. You'd think I'd learn.

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