Gift Guide, Day Thirteen

A Great Magazine

I often find myself looking at Lucky Peach and thinking, “I wish we could have done that at Gourmet.”  The magazine is fearless, irreverent, well-written and brilliantly art-directed.  It’s an entirely new generation of food magazine. If you haven’t seen it, you should.  And if you know someone who enjoys reading about food (and if not, why are you reading this?), a subscription to the quarterly would make a very good gift. 



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HI Regine - Just looked at the masthead and realized that your son is responsible for the look of the magazine. Congratulations!

It looks great! I've just ordered it for myself. In the future, this looks like a great gift for foodie friends.

I forwarded your kind words about Lucky Peach to son Mark who wrote the article about Lebanon Bologna. His little toddler loves the animated image (on the Internet) of his father next to article. And we enjoyed your piece about ramen in issue #1.

I immediately ordered a subscription...for myself.

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