A Perfect Meal

“I also stubbornly maintain that the only real way to cook lobsters is in three or four inches of sea water, in a covered kettle, for about twelve minutes (pound and a quarter lobsters being the ideal size).  You then drape these dazzling creatures over the rocks until they cool off a bit, tear them apart with the bare hands, dip each piece in melted butter and guzzle. There should be from two to six lobsters per person.  While the lobsters cook and cool off, two dry martinis should be served.  Nothing whatever else should be served- we are eating all the lobster we want, we are not fooling around with salad, or strawberry shortcake or even coffee. All you need are the martinis, plenty of lobsters, millions of paper napkins and a view.”

 Avis DeVoto to Julia Child, 1952




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"All you need are the martinis, plenty of lobsters, millions of paper napkins and a view." So perfect--thanks for sharing this!

RR: I love your writing. Garlic and Sapphires actually changed my life but that;s another story. As Always, Julia is one of my favorite books. A book about friendship, food, and the power released by the combination of the two. I love how Julia Child and Avis DeVoto revealed themselves slowly in the course of their correspondence. Two women at the edge of power in the fifties, trading thoughts they never knew would be read by others. And it all started with a knife. (How fitting) Everyone needs an Avis in their life. Ruth I loved how you honored Carol from the NYT in your writing. Maybe there was a little bit of Avis in her. Thanks.

Dear Ruth, I write the book blog "Zuckerbuecherei. Time for friendly books" and I have recommended your fabulous book !garlic and Sapphires": http://www.zuckerbuecherei.com/garlic-and-sapphires-ruth-reichl/#

I hope you like it!

I think Avis was reciting my dream meal.

Dear Ruth -

You might enjoy this website - the food part, that is - from a son who lives on a little island in Puget Sound.


Hello Ruth. I completely enjoyed "Tender at the Bone." Loved the story and the recipes. Love to cook, write, and I also had a bipolar mother so I really could relate. Mine mom was a terrific cook though. I look forward very much to reading more of your work. I mentioned you and the book in a post today. Tweaked your piecrust recipe from "Tender" and wrote about it. Fabulous recipe! http://bethsblog.typepad.com/bethsblog/2012/04/foolproof-piecrust.html

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