Gift Guide, Day 13

It’s easy to find pretty aprons.  Vintage aprons abound. And lately I’ve been inundated with ads for aprons that make you look sexy while you cook.  But this classic bistro apron does more than that: It makes you feel more competent in the kitchen.  

This is what I love about these handsome aprons. 

  1. They’re made of wonderful, heavy linen.
  2. They tie snugly around your waist.
  3. They’re big enough to provide really good coverage.
  4. They get better with age, softening and molding to your body.
  5. They've got big, useful pockets.
  6. They can be mongrammed and embroidered with all manner of wonderful designs like these:






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Where can I purchase these aprons????

Franca Fusco's Boxwood Linen products are meticulously crafted of fine European linen, and Franca takes great care to ensure that each piece is beautiful and of heirloom quality. The linen lasts forever and looks wonderful just as long! You can wear the aprons, dry your hands on the towels, dine on the table linens and sleep on the sheets....Love it!

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