World's Best Pancakes

The first rule of pancakes: Don’t use a mix. Let me repeat that: Don’t use a mix. It saves no time, it tastes no good - and it costs more money. 

Pancake Rule Two: Don’t even think about using inferior maple syrup. A good pancake deserves the very best.

Pancake Rule Three: Don’t skimp. I know my recipe, below, has a lot of butter, but where pancakes are concerned, more is always more. 

Pancake Rule Four: You can always put anything you want into your pancakes. Blueberries, chocolate chips, pumpkin puree... use your imagination. But when pancakes are this good, you probably won’t want to.

Here’s my basic recipe.  I’ve made this so often that I can pull it together in under a minute. After you’ve done it a few times you’ll be able to do that too. This is not diet food, but I promise that these pancakes will make your family very, very happy.  

Melt a stick of butter.  Whisk together a cup of milk, 2 large eggs and a tablespoon of vegetable oil, then add the butter.

In a small bowl whisk a cup of flour with 4 teaspoons of baking powder, 4 teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt.  Whisk that into the milk mixture just until its combined.  Add a bit more milk if you think it’s too thick. 

Skim a good pan with butter or oil and start pouring in some batter. The size is up to you; sometimes I make them tiny for children, sometimes I make them ludicrously large. Watch as the bubbles appear in the batter, grow larger, and then pop and vanish.  When they’ve all popped, carefully flip the pancake and cook the other side.  

Rush the pancakes to the table as each one is finished. You want them hot, sweet, salty and a little bit crisp. You want the memory to linger with your family as they move through their day. 


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Yep. These are fluffy pancake perfection. Butter, as is so often the case, makes the difference. I would perhaps cut the salt down a tiny bit next time but otherwise this is my new go-to.

Decent recipe, definitely not for those who want their pancakes fluffy. flavor was just alright.

With this recipe, I have finally weaned my husband off Bisquick. Thank you.

Rule number one is a rule I dearly wish more people would follow. I'd also like to add an addendum to the rule for those writing cookbooks in Japan, and say that Rule 1-A should state that recipes should never use pancake mix as an ingredient.

Thanks Ruth! My neighbor just gave me a quart of fresh off the stove maple syrup so my finding this recipe was very timely. I'll be making these this weekend!

Any problems doubling the recipe?

fantastically simple & beautiful. Yes the Stick of Butter does concern me, but... 8^) pancakes for loved ones. What a truly unselfish way to start the day.

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