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I'm always looking for great hot sauces, but this one..... is really wonderful. It's becoming so popular that the hand-made sauce is increasingly hard to find in stores. Fortunately, you can order Piri Piri sauce directly from the maker.

Piri is the swahili word for pepper, in this case, an African bird's eye chili.

Aged in old whisky barrels, Piri Piri is lightly smoky, incredibly complex, with a nice lemony brightness. I end up using it on every savory thing. It's fantastic splashed onto eggs, and stirred into mayonnaise it makes every sandwich better.  I love it in black beans. And as a marinade... well, try it for yourself.


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After reading this, I went around the corner to my neighbourhood market (run by a Portuguese family), mentioned Piri Piri, David, one of the owners, pointed and there it was, on the shelves, made in Portugal. Delicious. Tonight we are roasting potatoes with a bit of the sauce rubbed on.

A Portuguese hot sauce!? Looks so very yummy! It's so funny, though~ in Japan they say "PIRI PIRI KALAI" meaning "spicy hot". "KALAI" means hot, but "PIRI PIRI" was what I've always imagined was the feeling we get in our mouths from the spiciness. Japanese are famous for their onomatopoeias, and that's what I thought "piri piri" was but now~ I wonder if that cool-hot-word was taken from Portugal!

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