2014 Gift Guide, Day 25


Nice Ice

Speakeasy's are the coolest kids on the block. The bitters shelves in fancy grocery stores keep growing. And cocktail guides have become their own special category in your local bookstore. We're having a cocktail moment—and it's not likely to end very soon.  

But if you care about cocktails, attention must be paid to the ice. The best bartenders even engineer their ice so that drinks dilute at the perfect pace.  Besides, nice ice is... well beautiful.

There are many tools that would delight an aspiring mixologist, but highest on my list is this Neat Ice Kit. It comes with two molds to make two perfectly clear square cubes. (Impurities are pushed to the bottom, and you just cut off the clouds.) There’s a razor-sharp chisel to break giant cubes into a more standard size, and a canvas bag and muddler-mallet to crush your extremely clear ice.

Should you want the slightly less expensive single ice cube maker, you can get it here. 

If you've got a cocktail nerd in your life, you could not do better. Order today, and you can still get it there in time for Christmas.



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I just finished your book, "Delicious". It was amazing- I haven't been that lost in a book for a long, long, very jaded, long time. I'm not a foody, and I may become one- it was a wonderful read. Thank you.

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