2014 Gift Guide, Day 26


Home Grown

Here on the East Coast, January, February, and March are bleak. Snow melts into sludge. Sunlight's in short supply.  Night comes too soon. You begin longing for fresh vegetables, waiting for the return of vibrant farmers' markets.

This gift really helps. I love looking at the vertical garden in my window. Tasting it is even better. You harvest your herbs or vegetables, and then replant with the new shipment that arrives each month in the mail.

The nuts and bolts:  WindowFarms come in columns of three pots. A small pump automatically waters each plant, delivering nutrients straight to the roots. It's not cheap: in addition to the farm itself, you have to buy a monthly plan. But it's a great gift that will make your friends think of you every time they snip off a fresh herb or vegetable. 


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