Very Corny: Gourmet, 1974



Heading off to the farmers market, where I know I'll buy some corn.  Who could possibly resist this time of year?  And so, as promised, a vintage corn recipe from the stack of old Gourmet magazines. This one is from an October issue; in 1974, was there still corn in the markets in October?  

This year summer has been so lush that the corn will certainly be gone by the time fall rolls around.  So the time to make corn soup is now.



And here, from the same issue's article on breakfast sausages, are

Corny Sausage Puffs  


Couldn't resist this ad from the issue.  Not because I find the idea of a long cigarette so compelling, but because whatever these two are traveling in (train? plane?), I'd like to join them.  Look at those seats!




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Cook and Farmer - you got me there. My guess? Some kind of powdered bouillon like Knorr. In those days it was a fairly common ingredient.

Had a corn soup today at Marlowe in SF that was transcendent -

I remember smoking sections on planes but never ran into seats like that :(

It'll be fun to try this recipe from long ago! 1 teaspoon chicken broth puzzles me. Think the Col meant 1 teaspoon bouillon?

From the size of the windows, that would be a 747-100.

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