A Cake to Conjure With


I'm trying to think who would want to create this cake, from the January 1975 issue of Gourmet, and suffering a total failure of imagination.  The same person, I suppose, who'd want to make this Filet of Beef en Gelee.


Should you, however, be that person, here's the recipe for the cake.  Roll up  your sleeves; it's going to take some time.






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No thank you my dear. I think I'll pass on preparing this one. hahaha.

This is something! How are you supposed to serve the fruit tower? It would fall all over. Thanks for the old recipes, Ruth, and keep them coming. More fun than a history book.

Oh, my!! Three batches of hard cracked syrup??
I'll get back to you on that, in about 27 years ! 😅🍊

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