A Recipe for a Cool Fall Day

It's hard to believe that Gourmet ever published a recipe for blood sausage, especially one that casually begins, "For every four cups pork blood...." Perhaps in 1951 the average American could go next door and borrow a few pints of blood from the neighboring farmer? 

Here, for your delectation, is the recipe.



And if you're in the mood for those sausages, perhaps you'd like some of these as well?


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Did some checking and found this. I have emailed and we will see if I get a response.


Just cut and paste the above link.

From reading this I think "Telefood Magazine" was also a foodie magazine much like Gourmet was.

I wonder if I can still get some of those artichokes?

More like a "A Recipe for Halloween."

I do love good French boudin noir, as opposed to German blood sausage, which this recipe seems to resemble more closely.

The boudin noir at Les Halles on Park Avenue South in Manhattan is the best I've had. The butcher shop at the restaurant used to sell them to go. If you call ahead, they could surely accommodate you, because boudin noir is still on the menu.

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